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We provide a self-assured non-slip runner that will not move nor crinkle up. All of our aisle runners are handmade, ensuring perfection in all of our products.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your special event and here's what you can expect:

Confidence in knowing that when you walk down the aisle, our runners will not tear, rip or slip.

You have a broad selection of standard aisle runners.

You can customize your aisle runner to include the date of the event, or create a special accent, symbol, monogram, or phrase.

You can choose the length of your runner: 25, 50, 75 or 100 feet, or a length customized to your specifications.

Select a solid color , a print, damask, glitter, to match the colors you have carefully chosen for your special event.

Don't forget about after the event, a beautiful custom designed heirloom shadow box to preserve your dress and be on display for ever.






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Special Events Accessories (After the Event)

Remember to order your customized aisle runner well in advance of your event to make sure it will arrive on time.

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